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The Cleaning Chronicles

PCBs and the pH Problem

Manassas, VA – February 7, 2023 ZESTRON,

Your PCB cleaning process can be summed up by 3 simple questions:

1. Are your boards getting clean?

Measurement and Control of Cleaning Bath Concentration

Manassas, VA – January 4, 2023 ZESTRON,

The holidays are over and winter is definitely here. There is nothing better to warm you up after a...

Jet Printing Solder Paste and Cleaning Challenges

Manassas, VA – November 9, 2022 ZESTRON,

Challenges can make the world a better place.  Whether it’s putting a man on the moon or breaking...

How Clean is Clean?

Manassas, VA – July 7, 2022 ZESTRON,

In the world of high-reliability applications, knowing how clean your cleaned PCBs are matters...

Multiple Thermal Cycle

Manassas, VA – June 2, 2022 ZESTRON,

Have you ever baked a dish in your oven that presented you with a cleaning challenge? For most...


Manassas, VA – May 25, 2022 ZESTRON,

Maintenance cleaning is a pain, we know that. Just like cleaning your oven at home, it's the last...

pH Neutral & Alkaline Cleaning Agents

Manassas, VA – May 20, 2022 ZESTRON,

Acidic (low-pH) rosin flux has been an industry standard for PCB manufacturing for many years. To...

DI Water Vs. Chemistry

Manassas, VA – May 4, 2022 ZESTRON,

During the PCB assembly process, contamination is inevitable. Flux residues, adhesives, dust and...

The Rise of Jet Printing

Manassas, VA – March 22, 2021 ZESTRON,

Research, Development, Innovation. Continuous improvements in design, materials, purpose, and...

Environmentally Conscious Cleaning

Manassas, VA – March 8, 2021 ZESTRON,

Today, a keen environmental awareness has gripped manufacturing industries across the world. Many...

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