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The Cleaning Chronicles

2020: What Did We Learn?

Manassas, VA – December 7, 2020 ZESTRON,

2020 is coming to a close- and what a wild ride it’s been! So what did we learn and what are the...

Measurement and Control of the Cleaning Bath Concentration

Manassas, VA – November 10, 2020 ZESTRON,

Cooler air has arrived, the leaves are changing, and college football is in full swing. That can...

DI Water Vs. Chemistry

Manassas, VA – October 30, 2020 ZESTRON,

During the PCB assembly process, contamination is inevitable. Flux residues, adhesives, dust and...

Clean Your Maintenance Tools

Manassas, VA – September 28, 2020 ZESTRON,

We use tools. Doing so separates us from the animals - Ok, well some animals. Building a house,...

A Sneak Peek

Manassas, VA – September 3, 2020 ZESTRON,

As printed circuit boards evolve, they are becoming more densely populated and increasingly...

Advanced Packaging

Manassas, VA – August 21, 2020 ZESTRON,

Advanced Packaging was developed to improve device performance while shrinking packages at the same...

Customized Training for Your Cleaning Process

Manassas, VA – August 13, 2020 ZESTRON,

Throughout life, we are constantly training to succeed. In school, you continuously train to...

How Low Can You Go? The challenges of cleaning under ever lower-profile electronic components

Manassas, VA – July 23, 2020 ZESTRON,

You think about surface tension all the time, don’t you? Talk of surface tension is all around us...

Going Green When You Clean

Manassas, VA – June 24, 2020 ZESTRON,

Today, the term “Going Green” is something you hear quite often. In fact, I would wager that on a...

Jet Printing Solder Paste and Cleaning Challenges

Manassas, VA – June 12, 2020 ZESTRON,

Challenges can make the world a better place.  Whether it’s putting a man on the moon or breaking...

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