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The Cleaning Chronicles

Scott Pechnick

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How Clean is Clean?

Manassas, VA – July 13, 2020 ZESTRON,

In the world of high-reliability applications, knowing how clean your cleaned PCBs are matters...

Going Green When You Clean

Manassas, VA – June 24, 2020 ZESTRON,

Today, the term “Going Green” is something you hear quite often. In fact, I would wager that on...

Jet Printing Solder Paste and Cleaning Challenges

Manassas, VA – June 12, 2020 ZESTRON,

Challenges can make the world a better place.  Whether it’s putting a man on the moon or...

Why Clean No-Cleans

Manassas, VA – May 28, 2020 ZESTRON,

When I was 6, my room was a mess with toys strewn everywhere. What happened next? You guessed...

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